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Mobile / Tablet / Desktop

  • Multi-device and browser support

  • Preview capabilities

  • Mobile-friendly

Optimized for all types of devices, Our LMS makes it easy for you to deliver your training programs. In the design dashboard, preview your content in a range of devices such as iPhone X, Android 9, iPad, and iPad Mini, among others. Users can take your programs in the office or on the go, saving their progress and switching between devices as needed. Our LMS functions on most major internet browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Edge.

Unlimited Training Programs

  • No limits on your training programs

  • Easily duplicate or repurpose content

  • Supported across all plans

In any plan, create an unlimited number of training courses or exams. Only pay for the number of active monthly users. It is easy to scale programs as you need based on your usage requirements. For example, if you’re a new continuing education provider, develop your training program and upgrade your plan as needed to support your growing business.
In higher plans, create user roles for different members of your organization. Have multiple individuals working on content development. See our Team Accounts feature for more details.

Easy Content Management

  • Drag-and-drop tools

  • Create modular courses or standalone exams

  • Structure and manage how viewers see your content with advanced page logic

Build dynamic trainings with simple drag-and-drop tools. Structure your programs in a modular format, mixing content with tests to assess learning outcomes. Easily reorder content modules or duplicate and revise them as needed. Anyone can build a training program with our LMS’s intuitive and user-friendly module editor. No technical training or software experience is required.

Pagic logic allows you to control where you’d like your content to appear. Insert page breaks to divide sections and ensure your users progress through your content in the same manner--whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop. For example, ensure your users watch a video before continuing to a written content section or test.

Multimedia Content

  • Mix and match content formats to develop engaging programs

  • Embed multimedia anywhere within your trainings

  • PDFs, PowerPoint, HD videos

Create multimedia content modules with HD videos, PDFs, images, text, and so much more. Appeal to multiple learning styles with diverse training materials. Increase learner engagement and enhance learning outcomes.
Insert your media in content modules or directly within a test. For instance, have users answer test questions related to video material before advancing to the next test item.

Advanced Text Editor

  • Customize fonts and styles

  • Color Picker

  • Number and bulleted lists

  • Link embedding

Our product’s text editor allows for considerable flexibility in content design. Mix and match text styles in content sections or test items. Include multiple levels of heading, different paragraph styles and levels of indentation, numbered or bulleted lists, and custom HTML. Embed links and choose from a broad color palette to emphasize your brand.


  • Include PowerPoints, MS Word documents, PDFs, and other files

  • Provide downloadable formats for helpful resources

Strengthen your CE courses by providing digitized learning materials for learners. Upload PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, or other supplemental materials as attachments within content module. For onboarding courses, provide manuals for employees to download and keep as reference for the duration of their employment with your organization.

Video Support

  • Direct uploads of large bandwidth HDR videos

  • Add links from video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom

  • Private hosting of confidential materials

With just a few clicks, upload high-quality resolution (HDR) videos to your training programs. Upload directly from your machine or utilize links from major video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom. Your videos are protected with private hosting and are only accessible during training times.

Mandatory Video Settings

  • Forced video watch

  • Prevent skipping

  • Private hosting of confidential materials

Ensure learners are watching 100% of your video content prior to certification. Enabling mandatory video settings will allow you to have greater oversight of your programs to ensure users watch the appropriate material. You can also prevent users from skipping ahead in a video. These settings are particularly helpful if you are required to track engagement statistics as part of your compliance procedures or to maintain your accreditation status.

There are two ways to examine video progress. View a learner’s percentage of video watched for a particular training program. Alternatively, view their engagement across all training programs at a glance via their learner profile.

Learner Management

  • Create learner groups to add users to multiple programs

  • Import contact lists via bulk upload

  • View summary data via learner profiles

Create multiple groups to easily assign learners to a training program. Add an unlimited number of learners and only pay for active users(i). With learner groups, customize your trainings for specific groups or departments. Store group lists for future trainings. Import your organizational contact lists via bulk upload. Are you managing your contact list with Excel? Simply upload your list and automatically resolve issues with duplicate entries or incomplete data.

View global statistics and learner progress via individual profiles. Locate certificates for all programs in the profile section. Track outstanding progress and send reminders to learners. View a learner’s engagement with video content across all training programs, including the percentage of video watched for each program.

Simple Registration

  • Open enrollment

  • Private invitations

Program administration is quick and easy via two simple methods: (1) Deliver your training program via an open enrollment link. Use your link to draw users from an array of outlets: email, posts, or direct from website. (2) Deliver private invitations to learners within your university or organization. This option allows you limit access to your program to a specified group. Registration is Sign-up Questions secured with CAPTCHA.

Utilize either enrollment method or a combination of both. For plans with eCommerce features, restrict access until payment has been completed. Consider an Enterprise plan to completely customize the onboarding experience with your brand.

Sign-Up Questions

  • Add questions at sign-up to collect demographic information (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender, age)

  • Create custom sign-up questions specific to your company or institution

  • Add learner-specific data to certificates (e.g., license number)

Add a range of sign-up questions prior to administering your training program. Collect user demographic information such as age, race, ethnicity, and geographic location. Additionally, collect license numbers, state of licensure, national provider identification (NPI) number, or any other learner-specific data you may need to display on certificates.

Sign-up questions help to ensure you collect crucial compliance data for state accreditation or regulatory bodies. Also download summary statistics (e.g., mean, median, mode, frequency, percentage) via Excel outputs. Easily navigate between demographic data and outcome data from your specific training.
See the Multiple Data Outputs section for more details.

Satisfaction Surveys

  • Custom question types

  • Post-evaluation surveys

  • Store feedback data

Satisfaction surveys feature custom questions in several formats: likert scale, multiple choice, single-line open response, paragraph response, and so much more. Deliver pre-programming surveys to better understand the different levels of expertise of your learner population, or see what learners hope to gain from your continuing education courses. Send post-evaluation surveys to understand what learners liked and disliked about your program, and allow that stored feedback data to influence course revisions.

Live Preview

  • Track learner progress

  • Post-evaluation surveys

  • Preview course on multiple devices

In learner profiles, view each learner’s answers as they progress through your courses and exams. Track percentage of video watched and know when to intervene to help learners pass your program.

Preview certificates during the certificate creation process. Observe the look of your company name, logo, custom text, and learner-specific data as you enter the information onto the certificate.

View the look of your course on multiple devices prior to course issuance. Check out horizontal and vertical views of your program on the iPad air, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s/7, GalaxyS7, andiPhone 6+/6s+/7+.

Company Name and Logo

  • Custom branding

  • Available for internal and external certifications

Certify competence in new skill areas for internal and external training endeavors. Attach the logo of your organization to all certificates to be delivered within and beyond your organization. Apply the name of your company to certificates to replace our company name with your very own. Certificates can be custom branded to your style preferences.

Learner-Specific Data

  • License numbers

  • State of licensure

Include information unique to each learner on individual certificates. Certificates are automatically generated and sent to learner’s emails and also appear in the learner dashboard. Instantly, learners can download and print certificates with unique identifying information, proving he/she has completed the necessary continuing education hours.

Multiple Templates

  • Custom backgrounds

  • 9 color themes

Choose from different color themes that reflect the colors of your organization. Need a custom background to meet your continuing education certification requirements? Not a problem. Contact CertCentral Inc.’s Enterprise solutions team and our software engineers can help upload your background template to our certificate engine.

CE Credits

  • Customize credits

  • Add instructor information

  • Live preview of your certificate

Our custom text field allows course creators to add any necessary information to all certificates instantly. Add the name of the course instructor, continuing education credit hours, and so much more! Watch as the certificate preview populates as you input text necessary on all of your certificates. This live preview functionality helps you optimally design the visual format of your certificates.

Certificate Management

  • Automated certificate generation and delivery

  • Easy download

  • Email receipts

Certificates are automatically generated and emailed to learners as PDF files. learners that meet or exceed the customized minimum passing score for your CE program will automatically receive a certificate via email and in learner dashboards. Easily download and print out certificates for a hard-copy record. Copies of certificates are available for course creators in learner profiles, notification emails, and in the results section of courses and exams.

Range of Test Items

  • Multiple choice

  • True/false

  • Yes/no

Mix and match item types for a comprehensive assessment. Assign different point values to different item types (e.g., true/false vs. multiple choice items). Harder questions can be allotted greater point values than easier questions. Ensure competency with powerful assessments.


  • Item order randomization

  • Answer choice randomization

Randomize test content and the order of response choices in exams and courses. Use randomization features so that learners receive test content in different orders. Improve the validity of your testing procedures and create an anti-cheating learning environment.

Multiple Scoring Options

  • Total point scoring

  • Percentage-based scoring

  • Weighted scoring

Scoring options available within courses and exams include total-point scoring and percentage-based scoring. Choose percentage-based scoring so that test items are scored based on the average across all items (i.e., number of items answered correctly divided by the total number of items). With percentage-based scoring, each question is of equal value. Choose total point scoring if you want different questions or question types to have more or less value than others. Intensify the rigor of your training program by making harder questions worth more. Set up weighted scoring to weigh certain modules, or chapters of your course, more or less than others.

Scoring Logic

  • Weighted scoring

  • Minimum passing score

Weighted scoring allows you the flexibility to weigh certain modules more or less than others within your course. Weighted scoring can be used to design a course with modules of increasing difficulty. Ensure learners gain competency by meeting or exceeding minimum passing score standards. The minimum passing score can be set to meet your training needs.

Forced Sequencing

  • Ensure learners take your program sequentially

  • Prevent skipping of sections

  • Scaffold learning experiences

Ensure learners progress through your training program in a sequential order. Prevent the skipping of sections and help to scaffold learning experiences through stepwise sequences. Alternatively, allow learners to complete content modules in the order of their choosing--promoting self-paced learning.


  • Allow retakes of failed course modules

  • Customize the number of retakes permitted

Want to give learners the opportunity to pass your certification course despite failing on the first try? Enable module retakes and instantly allow learners to retake the modules failed so that they can earn their certificate. Give learners an unlimited number of retakes on modules.

Answer Explanations

  • Strengthen learner learning outcomes.

  • Add explainer text to course and exam questions.

Provide comprehensive feedback detailing the rationale for correct responses. learners will be able to review answer explanations once they submit their course or exam. Answer explanations enhance knowledge acquisition.

Time Settings

  • Open course/exam on a specific date

  • Restrict access after a specified time period

  • Allow extra time to individuals

Set an enrollment window when learners can register online and access the course. Disable learner access after a specified time period. For learners that require special accommodations, provide extra time within courses and exams.

Minimum Time Requirement

  • Requirement for delivering CE credits

  • Alot time learners must spend in each module

Ensure learners complete the minimum number of hours by setting minimum time requirements. This is ideal for awarding Continuing Education credit hours. Emulate an in-person training that delivers continuing education credits in an online environment.


  • Reports available for demographic information

  • Better understand your learner audience

Collect demographic information from learners (e.g., race, gender, ethnicity, profession) and better understand the population that seeks out your online courses and exams. Check out learner responses to demographic questions in the demographics section of the results tab. Observe the frequency of similar responses from learners and allow this to facilitate stronger marketing practices for your online programs.

Data Displays

  • Pie chart

  • Bar graph

Quickly view how many of your learners have not yet started a program, started a program, and completed a program via a pie chart. Instantly access pass/fail rates by viewing the bar graph data display.

Multiple Data Outputs

  • Course summary statistics

  • Sign-up question summary data

  • Question-by-question analysis

  • Item-level responses

These four different report summaries are available for easy download in Excel and printing.

  • 1.

    Course summary statistics: Highlights high-level data on your course including descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, median, mode), pass/fail percentages, and number of certificates issued.

  • 2.

    Sign-up questions summary: Includes frequencies and percentages for all sign-up questions (e.g., participant demographics).

  • 3.

    Question-by-question analysis: Allows you to view response frequencies and percentages for each question, including the percentage of correct responses.

  • 4.

    Item-level responses: Allow you to view individual-level data for all items in your program. This includes the sign-up date and time, responses to sign-up questions, responses for all test items, and outcome statistics (e.g., final score, pass/fail).

Download each output separately or via one comprehensive Excel file with a tab for each output.

Email Notifications

  • Receive completion notifications

  • Instantly receive PFD of completion certificate

  • Easily monitor the passing rate for your training program

Set course-specific notifications to ensure you remain on top of your training goals. Easily reissue programs for learners who have not met minimum competency. Receive a PDF copy of each learner’s certificate via email.

CE Compliance

  • Post-evaluation surveys

  • Custom certificates

  • Organized reports on learning outcomes

Now, an easy-to-use online learning platform that requires no extensive tutorials. Build your CE programs on a software that is compliant with accrediting bodies. Deliver custom certificates with learner-specific data. Collect survey data evaluating your CE program and easily export learning outcome data reports for in-depth analysis.

Private Invitations

  • Secure private invitations

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your training programs

Looking to conduct onboarding trainings that include confidential information? Utilize our private invitation feature to limit the enrollment in your programs. Send secure email invitations with a direct link to your training. If you have eCommerce enabled, also collect payment prior to commencement of your training.

reCAPTCHA Spam Prevention

  • Prevent spam and bot crawling

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your training

reCAPTCHA, which is a CAPTCHA implementation, is enabled during all registrations to ensure only human users can access your training programs. Prevent unauthorized access to your content and ensure users have validated their account details prior gaining access. CAPTCHA is the industry standard challenge-response test for user validation and spam prevention.

Video Privacy

  • Upload videos directly from your device to a private server

  • Prevent unauthorized downloads of your video content

Ensure that learners can only watch content within your course and not via any other means. All video content is stored on a private server, preventing unauthorized downloads. Also prevent users from viewing content after they have completed your training program. If you have confidential material, this feature will ensure only the appropriate users have access with a secure environment.

Idle Logout

  • Automated logout for inactivity

  • Prevent unauthorized activity

Ensure confidential material is only viewable by authorized users. Idle logout signs learners out of their accounts after a set period of time of inactivity. This feature enhances security and helps to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent account use.

Team Accounts

  • Live collaboration

  • Instructor Roles

Work on program creation with colleagues utilizing team accounts in Executive and Enterprise subscription plans. Assign different roles to your team based on the levels of capabilities each team member should have. Owner roles are able to do it all: manage billing information, change team account roles, and create courses and exams. Lower-level roles have less responsibilities. Admin roles are able to add other admins or users, change team account roles, and can create courses and exams. User roles are able to only create programs.


  • Sell programs to learners

  • Collect payments prior to course issuance

Charge learners for any number of programs in Professional, Executive, and Enterprise subscription plans. Collect credit card information during the registration process, and receive payments prior to course commencement. We offer an integration with Stripe to give you a seamless eCommerce experience.

White Labeling

  • Customize color themes

  • Branded for your organization

If you are looking for a learning management system that seamlessly integrates with your organization’s website, look no further than our Enterprise solutions. Brand your company name and logo across all pages of this online learning platform. Customize CertCentral Inc.’s LMS with your custom colors and administer trainings, CE programs, and so much more on a platform all your own.

Enterprise Customizations

Still looking for more? Contact our Enterprise Solutions team and schedule a call to discuss custom integrations that may go beyond our standard plans. We offer phone and email support so that you can get your programs up and optimally running as soon as possible.


  • eCommerce integration

  • Customer protection

We offer an integration with Stripe to deliver a seamless eCommerce experience. Simply set up a Stripe account, link your payment settings, and begin charging learners for programming. Set custom prices to courses and collect payments immediately. Print records of payment transaction in both your payment settings page or from your Stripe account.